The Best Hot Cocoa Recipe

 I don't know about you but after a long tiring day I just wanna get my feet up and relax with a hot drink. At the moment my go to drink would have to be hot cocoa as everyone in my family loves it when I make it too. Now I am not an expert chef or anything and to be honest cooking is not my thing but lately I have been really trying out new recipes. This would have to be like the easiest thing ever and even a baby can do it... well not literally lol but you know what I mean. I would say about 7-10 minutes depending on how hot you like your cocoa. So for the recipe continue reading this post.


Last Buys of 2013

Hey everyone, so as 2014 has set in and I am a bit late on this haul but I just wanted to share some last minute buys of last year. It is nothing really special but I am just going to go ahead and share them anyway. First of all I got these gorgeous wedge heels from River Island for only £17. I am not much of a heel person because I have small feet and heels aren't very comfortable for me but I want to get used to them. I thought these were great because they are black and can be worn with almost everything and this year I have work experience so I thought they would look professional. Then I got these nail shots which have the most gorgeous colours and it is so easy to apply. It is thick but applies smoothly so one coat is enough. The last item were small black studs because for school I can only wear studs so I thought those would be great. That's it really but stick around because I will be blogging more often now.
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